Getting Married in Bali

If you are planning to get married there are very few places as romantic and scenic as Bali to hold that special day with you and your loved one. The sunsets and tropical vegetation offer hundreds of different locations to make your bali wedding package day a memorable one. The service that Balinese are renowned for and the popularity of Bali as a tourist destination will ensure that all your wedding dreams will come true if you decide to hold it here, there is no shortage of wedding services from simple cakes to intricately designed wedding dresses.

Wedding Services

Wedding planners are very popular for people planning a Bali wedding as it takes all the stress out of the big day and lets you concentrate on other things, like soaking up the sun. The packages that you will find range from basic bride and groom weddings to elaborate affairs. Bali catering, focuses on fine food, beverage and exceptional service for weddings and other events. Whether you are having a small intimate wedding or a grand affair, Bali catering have been providing services to thousands of delighted clients all over the island.

Wedding Dresses

Not only because of the transportation issues, but the cost factor is enough to convince you to get your dress made in Bali. Once you have picked out a traditional western dress or decide to go with a Balinese dress, it will only take a few days for your dress to be ready for you to wear. The materials used tend to be much more suited for the climate, so unless you are using an heirloom to be married in it is much better just to get your dress made while in Bali.

Most people who come to Bali to get married leave all the arranging to companies that provide excellent service and only need to worry about color schemes and how many tiers they want on their wedding cake . However big a wedding or wherever you want to hold it, Bali wedding services will be able to provide it for you from flower girls to entertainment.

Required Documents for a Bali Wedding

For the majority of foreigners it is possible to get married in Bali legally and your marriage will be recognized by your government. Under Indonesian/Balinese law the marriage will have to be performed as a legal religious ceremony, no marriages can be conducted in government offices. The religions recognized by Bali are: Christian Protestant, Catholic, Buddhism, Hindu and Muslim and you will need to register your marriage with the district Civil Registrar.

You will need to obtain a Certificate of Non Impediment to Marriage (CNI) either when in Bali or in your own country before the wedding. If possible it is easier to apply for this in your country of residence. Basically this is a letter from your Embassy or Consulate that confirms that there is no legal reason that you should not be allowed to get married in an Indonesian country.

In order for the Embassy to issue this letter, each person must personally attend their respective consulate or embassy and swear an oath that there is no reason why they should not be allowed to get married. Certain consulates allow you to apply through the post as long as you provide the following documentation. If done in person the certificate is usually issued the same day.

The following is documentation and procedures that you need to be followed. If you are going to get married in Bali, it is important to get all of the necessary documentation long before you get married as there are often delays and can interfere with your wedding day. Many of the documents can be arranged from your own country and it is usually a lot faster to do.
– Passport
– Birth certificates of both marriage parties’.
– Baptismal certificate or other forms of proof of faith.
– For people under the age of 21 a letter will be required from the parents stating that they consent to the marriage taking place.
– If relevant, death certificate of former spouse.
– A decree of absolute divorce certificate.
– At least two witnesses are required to attend your wedding.
– 8 photos of the couple, side by side, looking straight ahead and of the head and shoulders only. The size of the photos needs to be 6cm by 4cm.
For Catholic Marriages additional documents include:
– Baptism certificates are mandatory and should have been issued not more than 6 months before the wedding, but it is safer if they are issued less than 3 months before.
– A “Letter of Freedom” needs to be issued by your Parish Priest or other church official stating that you have never previously been married and you are free to marry.
– A “Letter of Delegation” needs to be issued by your Parish Priest or other church official stating that they have no objection to you being married by a Catholic Priest from a church in Bali.
Pre Nuptial Course
Pre Marriage Inquiry

Finding the best vacation destinations for families in the Gulf of Mexico

When looking for a place where the vacation of your dreams will be spent, there are many things to be considered, especially if you are planning to spend a quality time with your family. This means that you are not in charge to take care about your preferences and you must make compromises in order to answer to your children’s wishes. But if you are planning to spend the holidays in the Gulf of Mexico, there are a varieties of places to choose from, and within this article we will help you get more informed about couple of them, and give you few advices which will be helpful for you when sorting the things out before the vacation starts. And if you want to learn more over the place, you can easily do it by clicking here and reading the things which will interesting for you.

What would your kids love?

Of course, you shouldn’t underestimate your wishes, but remember that in order to stay calm during the vacation, you must provide some interesting activities for your children as well. First of all, you must choose a place with soft and small sand which will be great for them, and also, find a transport that will fit to your criteria. Renting a car won’t help you in this case since it is a matter of a vacation island, so think wise before you agree over making any deals.

Isla Mujeres

                People who have already visited this island would completely understand why it is mentioned as the first option. This island is a heaven on earth, covered with crystal water and wide beaches. It can be a perfect fit for anyone, and it is designed especially for a vacation with families. Once you arrive there, you can easily take a golf cart which will be your main transportation device. You can get them by a very cheap price, and by arranging one, you won’t need to have additional thoughts over the way by which you will reach to the beach together with your family. Also, by visiting this island, there are many activities that can be followed. For more information you can open it on trip advisor and read more from the previous visitors, or you can just simply enjoy the moment and decide to scuba dive with white sharks, provided as an offer with a guardiancy by a team of professionals. If all of the above has sounded exciting for you, you can visit islamujeresvacations.comfor more information.

South Padre Island

                If you are not a fan of exposing yourself to a lot of adventure, this may be a very nice solution for you. The island is located in Mexico as well, and is one of the most visited islands in the world. Opposing to the previously mentioned island – Isla Mujeres, South Padre can’t fill your desire for an adventure and adrenaline, but also there are many activities which should be done. And if you are planning to just enjoy the basics, going to the beach, sunbathing and swimming, this island can be a heaven for you. Also, if you want to spend some time doing outstanding activities, you can always check it on trip advisor by clicking on the link following Since the island can offer you a lot of adventure itself, this can be a good destination if you are travelling on a budget and willing to reduce the costs.


Chose the activities in front of the trip

                No matter if the options chosen in the end will be among the ones provided on this list, make sure that you take care about everything before you arrive there. You can choose to travel with an agency, or to arrange the meeting by yourself, and no matter which option will be the chosen one, always take care about the external activities which sometimes are not provided within the offer. There are many activities which should be completed when making a vacation on an island and it would be better if you check them in advance and make sure which ones will suit in your agenda best. By this you will arrange your vacation successfully and enjoy the beauty of the beach.

Goa: Pearl of the Orient

India’s National capital, Delhi is a symbol of the country’s rich history and thriving present. Having such cultural and political significance, it paints a fantastic picture for every traveling soul. The beautiful story of the city and the monuments such as Humayun’s Tomb, Lotus temple, India Gate and every other historical one combined with the best features of the modern city such as the metro system, bustling markets, and mouth-watering dining places gives every kind of a visitor in the city something to remember by.

Around two thousand kilometers south known as the Pearl of the orient and a tourist paradise, Goa is a place of alarming scenic beauty. Better known to the world as the Portuguese enclave on Indian soil, Goa is a relatively small state between the borders of Maharashtra and Karnataka, on the western coast of India. The rich history, unique culture, and natural beauty are the real essence of Goa. November, December, and January are the months densely crowded by tourists from all over India and of foreign background.

When in Goa, do visit the following places to make the best out of your trip:


Goan coastline is the home to many beautiful beaches. To mention a few famous beaches which are a must visit are

Calangute Beach – Also considered the Queen of Goa beaches, it is one of the serene seaside retreats in the country.

Colva Beach- Another popular tourist spot, Colva Beach is one of the mist beautiful in Goa. The powdery white sand is quite unique, and the beach is also comparatively isolated.

Dona Paula, Miramar (Gaspar Dias) and Anjuna beach are some of the famous beaches in Goa.

There are many more to be visited when you do have the time, and they are a real beauty. They are Candolim Beach, Baga Beach, Sinquerim Beach, Bambolim Beach, Arambol Beach, Vagator Beach, Benaulim Beach, Palolem Beach, Agonda Beach, Mobor and Cavelossim beach.


Goa is known for its architectural beauty of the churches. Now a world heritage site, these churches were built during the time of Portuguese reign. Royal Chapel of St Anthony, Church of The Carmelites, Church of St.Francis of Assisi, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Chapel of St.Catherine, Reis Magos Church, Church of Our Lady of Rosary and Se Cathedral, to name a few of them.


Chapora Fort, Fort Aguada, Teracol Fort, Reis Magos Fort, Mormugao Fort, Rachol Fort, Naroa Fort, Corjuem Fort, Cabo De Rama Fort are the famous forts in Goa which makes a great visit filled with exciting history and real beauty.

Other attractions:

Adventure sports are another major attraction in Goa. They are available at most beaches and always loved by the tourists. These include surfing, paragliding, jet skiing and many other such activities.

There are multiple other attractions like the different plantations, wildlife centuries, waterfalls and temples.

If the peaceful Goan lifestyle, the history, natural beauty and adventure sports is what you have in mind for this vacation, then what are you waiting for?


Get on to check Delhi to Goa flights, pack up and fly for the best of Goa.

Visiting Goa as a tourist but exploring it like a local

Visiting Goa as a tourist but exploring it like a local

Goa is a state located on the South Western coast of India, having its coastal region by the name of Konkan. It is one of the smallest areas in India and the population here is way smaller than the other parts in this country. It has the highest GDP per capita, compared to the other Indian states. It is a former Portuguese overseas territory which existed as a part of it for 450 years until it was annexed by India.

When visiting this country, you will be able to experience the great side of India and the most peaceful one, far away from the traffic and loudness of the other parts of this country. By being a biodiversity hotspot, with beautiful range of flora and fauna, there is no doubts that this place will steal your heart. It features a tropical monsoon climate which means that it has hot and humid climate for most of the year. May is usually the hottest with daytime temperatures over 35 degrees C.

How to get there?          

The access to this place is very easy when using a plane from the bigger parts of India, so if you are trying to get there from Mumbai, you should look at online list including Mumbai to Goa flights, once you are trying to get there from a bigger city.

If you have already considered exploring India, probably you are aware that it is a very populated country which is quickly modernizing, which means that it can be dirty and trash is a problem here. But luckily, Goa is much cleaner than the other places in India. If you are used to seeing beautiful nature, you must keep in mind that seeing trash everywhere may break your heart a little bit.

On the other hand, one of the most common problems when traveling to India as a woman is the uncomfortable hassle. It is reduced in Goa, but there is no guarantee that you won’t experience it during you stay there. In the other parts woman should cover their body but Goa is less conservative, so you can feel comfortable wearing shorts and summer dresses. However, consider being safe and expect everything, since many girls were being catcalled, followed and other creepy ways of approaching a woman while they were on the beach.

If you are staying there a bit longer, you can consider using a bike instead of a taxi, unless you are not on a budget. You will need to negotiate the price which involves an hour of negotiation in order to get reasonable price.

Living in Goa is more expensive than living in the other parts of India. If you want a comfortable bed and a place to stay it can be hard to find and it won’t be cheap at all. If you want to leave a quality life during your stay there, it would probably cost you same as living in the West. If you are living a basic life, eating rice and local food, you can reduce your costs, but once you will want to buy quality products you will need to give more money than you’ve hoped to.

Visiting priorities

Once you are there, you will know that it is not a place which you can visit once in your lifetime. Your trip must start with Goa’s beautiful beaches. The ones located in the North are more crowded than the south ones are. Also, they have a lot of water sports which you can explore, including jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and banana boat. Make sure that you book your stay near the beaches so you won’t need to spend extra money travelling around. Plus, you will be amazed by the view every morning for sure.

Visiting the Spice Plantation must be on your to do list when visiting Goa. It is a large spice farm where you can pluck and taste pepper, bate through an elephant shower and enjoy a traditional Goan lunch prepared with those spices.

Goa is a place with varieties of styles in the architecture, so in Panjim, known as Rome of the East you can visit a lot churches, museum, convents, art galleries, government buildings and many other famous landmarks which will help you experience Goa better and enjoy the diversity. Also, the old part of Goa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means that it is worth visiting for sure.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls are one of the most remarkable trademarks of Goa. They are one of the tallest waterfalls there and the fall of the water from that height will make you an illusion of milk falling from the top. They are located on the Mandovi River, 60km on Panaji by road. You can follow this Wikipedia article to learn more before you get there .

As we’ve mentioned in the first part of this post, Goa has a breath-taking wildlife with extremely rich flora and fauna. Do not hesitate to enter the jungle and visit the Bhagwan Mahvir Wildlife Sanctuary as well as Mollem National Park, where you can see animals like sloth bears, mouse deer and panthers. Also, there are two hundred species of birds which will lead you to an inner peace for sure.

Another must on the list is a dolphin cruise. Watching them swim in the water in front of you is much exciting than looking over them on TV, so now you will be able to enjoy looking them pepping out of the sea around your boat.


When in Goa, make sure you are enjoying you time spend there, no matter if you decide to sunbathe on the beach or visit the most famous landmarks. Keep your spirit bright and your soul open for new experiences that will come across considering Goa’s beautiful wildlife. Make sure to have your transportation planned in advance, so you won’t need to think about anything other than enjoyment once you are experiencing this India’s heaven.

How to Get the Best Cab Service in Jaipur at an Affordable Cost

Jaipur, the pink city is one of the most visited tourist places in the country in the winters and also in the spring. And what could be better than exploring the city in the comforts of well maintained cabs in Jaipur. Getting an affordable cab service in Jaipur could be a taxing job if you are new to the city or are not aware of the right place to contact.

Royal Taxi Cabs is a leading Jaipur cab services provider with the sole objective of serving the customers and the clients with the best of services in Jaipur at the most affordable prices. Comparing with the other cab services in the city will assure you on the most reasonable rates and prices for the one way cab, local pick and drop facility, airport pick and drop facility, local sightseeing facility, outstation taxi service facility or even the half day booking facility.

Travelling around the city for personal or business purposes or for simple sightseeing purposes is made easy and affordable by the Royal Taxi Cabs. Your travel needs is fulfilled by the best Rajasthan Tour Packages. With the availability of 24 hours booking facility available by the company, cab booking is now much easier and convenient. The best cab services in Jaipur is now just a call away or a click away. So get the rate chart for the different places and requirements from the web page of the company or call up the helpline number and talk to the executives directly.

When you book the cab with us, you are assured of:

  • Round the clock services
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  • Well trained, friendly and experienced chauffeurs
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The good part is that the services are available to you at the most affordable prices giving you more reasons to enjoy the drive. Booking the cab with us keeps you tension free for the parking hassles.  Besides, your cab driver acts as your inter-city guide if required and travels with you giving you more knowledge based picture of the city.

So, just take that phone and call us at +91-9414969491 to get the best deals on the places to be visited in Jaipur or even for your local travelling requirements.